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Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

“CustomDevLab provides a consistently high quality of service that I was comfortable relying on. These guys succeeded under limitations that posed a significant challenge for other teams, and their ability to adapt to our changing requirements was exceptional. We were also impressed by the project management skills of their team lead.”

Have a Dish

“We are happy with the quality of the system which the remote team delivered while overcoming the initial hurdles and uncertainty. What really sets this vendor apart from the competition is how involved they were and how much time and effort they were ready to put into meeting (and exceeding) our expectations. The CEO played a big role in setting up this kind of culture on the team.”


“The communication with the CustomDevLab is truly unlike anything we’ve seen before. Our remote engineers were proactive in communicating whatever issues arose, and they always came up with solutions that helped us move forward.”


“Our remote team basically merged into the workflow of our in-house engineers, and it took the remote guys surprisingly little time to become productive. The experience of these guys really came through loud and clear, especially in tasks that required flexibility and intensive time management.”

Med&Home Care

“Our progress with the product has been great, both in terms of our remote team’s cadence and the quality of the code they contribute. There’s been, literally, no hiccups in the way of project management, either, so we’re very happy with our new product team.”

UI and Web Applications
We craft feature-rich UIs and web apps used by millions of people and thousands of companies.
Mobile Apps
Our work on our client’s mobile apps raised their ratings from 3.0 to 4.7, bringing them 200K+ new installs within weeks.
Backend Solutions
We make page loads 126% faster and ensure 90% accuracy of predictive analytics while building solutions that scale to billions of users.
QA and Testing Automation
TDD and BDD are our cup of tea. We always approach QA strategically, and we love automation

We Love Building Great Software

We don’t just write code. Instead, we’re here to help you create products that disrupt markets, wow users, and establish new standards.

Lean UX expertise that brings proven value

We follow Lean UX for a design process that’s perfectly compatible with agile software development. Our design approach builds around four pillars to bring measurable results

Our every design solution is backed by research and testing
Our designs emerge through the collaboration of R&D and UX experts
We use market feedback to guide our work and improve continuously
Great designs are about how things work, not just what they look like

The solutions we build are used and loved by

Forget About Old-school Outsourcing

Discover dedicated teams that understand your code and care about your product as much

Our Work

Node.js, Go, HapiJS, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Sops, Terraform, Kong.

Have a Dish eliminates wait lines by enabling mobile users to order from hundreds of restaurants in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. With a 4.6 App Store rating and 4.1 stars on the Play Store, the Have a Dish app supports to-go ordering and secure payments. The work of our team influences most of this functionality.

The scope of our work

  • Development of the backend infrastructure underlying the app
  • Optimizations to improve stability
  • Front-end development of the client-facing UI and the admin dashboard

Java, Scala, Ruby, HTML5, iOS, JavaScript

Buy&Share offers locally-focused daily deals to some 1.17 million users. With the assistance of our nearshore experts, the company designed and deployed a reliable way to test new content created for its large audience.

The scope of our work

  • Development of an A/B testing system for the client’s marketing department (based on REST/microservices, developed using SCRUM and CI)
  • Introduction of BDD to the company’s product development process
  • Automation of unit, UI, and performance testing

C#, WPF, WebApi, OData, NHibernate, Sybase, Visual Studio, Screwturn wiki, soapUI, DevExpress

Eases supercharges case management with a bunch of smart features that cater specifically to law firms. Our goal for this project was making these features more smooth, powerful, and delightful for end-users.

The scope of our work

  • Development of feature-rich case management software that integrates with 3rd-party solutions
  • Migration to a more modern architecture and technology platform
  • Introduction of automated testing (with a heavy focus on unit testing)

.NET C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate, Entity Framework, TDD, Knockout js, HTML5, SQL Server

The Med&Home Care maximizes the cost-efficiency and the quality of the services that revolve around patient care and home health aid. The core of this functionality is the patient management system that our team helped build.

The scope of our work

  • Development of a system that processes patient requests and stores patient data
  • Development of an employee portal that enables employee screening, scheduling, and document management

Java, JavaScript, PHP

T&Smart eliminates some of the hassles, hurdles, and uncertainties of cryptocurrency trading, making it more accessible to a broader user demographic. The product that makes this possible is the exchange platform designed, developed, and tested with the assistance of our team.

The scope of our work

  • UX and UI design of the core functionality of the product
  • Product architecture
  • Backend development with microservices and AWS
  • Web application/UI development
  • QA automation
  • Management of the product development process
  • Business analytics

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